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We live in a culture that feels that any kind of deprivation, volunteered or forced, is evil. The Bible on the other hand, shows that depriving oneself for a period of time can be a good thing, and this was also the view of the Church for centuries. Thus Great Shepherd encourages us to see that our voluntarily giving up something(s) during Lent with a view that God can and will use that to refine us for His honor and glory, is worth the suffering we may endure.

What we give up for Lent should be thought through.  Our abstaining should be a help to us for growing closer to the Lord, not something that we chafe under, and can’t wait to resume when Lent is over. Remember Lenten abstainings/fastings are not for the purpose of gaining “brownie points” with God, but rather a spiritual discipline for the purpose of disciplining our body so that our relationship with the Lord is not negatively affected (see 1 Corinthians 9:27).

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