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On Sunday March 11th Kimberly Fay, Staff Attorney for Administer Justice (Elgin, IL) will be sharing in our morning worship service (10:00 AM).  This is a part of our continuing Sunday morning sermon series, “The Church and Justice”.


We live in a culture that feels that any kind of deprivation, volunteered or forced, is evil. The Bible on the other hand, shows that depriving oneself for a period of time can be a good thing, and this was also the view of the Church for centuries. Thus Great Shepherd encourages us to see [...]


Hope Anglican Church of Elburn will be joining Great Shepherd for an Ash Wednesday Service to be held at 7:00 PM on February 24th.  The service will include in the imposition of ashes and the Eucharist. Fr. George of Great Shepherd will be sharing the meditation and Fr. David of Hope Anglican will be the [...]


Beginning Sunday January 28th we will be sharing a sermon series entitled, “The Church and Justice”.We will be looking at what Scripture says about justice, what the Church can be and ought to be doing about justice, and what justice is not. A short list of books pertaining to this subject can be secured from [...]

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