“Employing Hope” Bible Study for Job Seekers.

“Employing Hope” Bible Study for Job Seekers.
We’re pleased to offer a Bible study especially for job seekers, beginning in early July. It’s not news that COVID-19 has hit our economy ridiculously hard—and that doesn’t just mean the national economy, but the jobs, bank accounts, and credit scores of real people. Unemployment is now higher than any time since the Great Depression. Our goal in this Bible study is to encourage job seekers by discovering how Biblical and contemporary believers have found direction and peace in difficult times. While this is not a “job coaching” group, we will offer tips and tools, many of which are online, to help people along the way. 

“Employing Hope” has 20 short units which will be sent electronically to the participants. We’ll see if we can do three each week as homework, and then meet once a week via videoconference to talk about what we’re learning. We expect that members will be blessed by just sharing their pilgrimage with others in similar circumstances. The study will be led by Fr. David Kletzing.  For more information contact Fr. David at: dkzing@gmail.com. Each unit includes a reading from the Bible, followed by guided questions for personal reflection, “Points to Ponder” pertaining to career, financial steps, job seeking tips, etc. We will encourage participants to keep a journal of what they’re learning along the way. Material for this Bible study comes from Biblica (formerly, the International Bible Society). www.biblica.com

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