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Thanks for visiting the Anglican Church of the Great Shepherd’s website. We do hope that you will take the time to check out all the various pages of our website so you can get an understanding of who we are. We are a member parish of the Anglican Church in North America ( Our mission statement is: “Responding to God’s love, we seek to imitate Jesus by living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit in order to bring the love of Christ to our world by word and deed, so that all may come to love and obey Him for the glory of God.” We are actively involved with New Name, a local anti-trafficking Ministry and CareNet of Dupage. If you have any questions about the Anglican Church of the Great Shepherd please feel free to telephone us at: 630-681-0776 or email us at:


Staring on Sunday September 10th and continuing through May 20th we will be featuring several different sermon series for the Sunday morning worship service.  Presently the weekly sermons will be based on one of the four Lectionary (the new ACNA Lectyionary)  readings used each Sunday. Stay tuned for announcements on the various upcoming series.


    Many Christian denominations and even independent churches, will establish “The Year of…”, that is, they declare that the new year will have a special emphasis that will permeate all that transpires in and through them.  Fr. George is calling Great Shepherd to embrace 2017 as “The Year of Pondering”. By this he means he would like us to slow down and deeply contemplate our relationship with the Lord, with the Church, and with those outside of the church. He would like pondering and contemplation to permeate all that we do, say, think, and even consider doing during 2017.  He wants us to resist busyness and consumerism in all its forms, even those which have become a part of the modern American church, in all of its diversity. As hard as it may seem, some Christians have difficulty slowing down to ponder and contemplate the things of the Lord. We need to be able to do this in order to be healthy disciples of Jesus Christ.   During the next 12 months, he will be sharing periodic emails regarding this topic. Throughout the year he will be suggesting books that we all read (or re-read).  Many of the sermons given during the next 12 months will focus on “The Year of Pondering”. More about “The Year of Pondering” to come.

Game Night!

Game Night in July will be on will be Friday the 21st.  We begin at 6:30 PM with dinner.  Bring your favorite games and snacks.  Everyone is welcome to Game Night!

“Small Groups”

A men’s small group meets on Thursday evenings from 7:30 PM-9:00 PM.  For more information contact Scott Penney at:

A ladies’ small group meets on Thursday evenings froom 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM.  For more information contact Diana Bradley at or Linda Kacena at  The ladies are presently involved in a study of the book, Refusing to Do Nothing: Finding Your POwer to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery

An Evangelical and Charismatic Anglican Church

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