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Anglican Church of the Great Shepherd

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The Church of the Great Shepherd began in 1997 as an independent Anglican Church under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Lyle Dorsett. In 2004 we became a member parish of the Anglican Mission In The Americas, which is under the Episcopal oversight of the Anglican Church in Rwanda, Africa. In March of 2009 Great Shepherd came under the Episcopal oversight of the Rt. Rev. Frank Lyons, the Bishop of Bolivia (a diocese of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone).  We are presently a member parish of the Anglican Church In North America. Thus Great Shepherd is a church whose worship is informed by the Anglican tradition. The Anglican tradition is the legacy of the reformed Church of England, which dates from the time of Archbishop Cranmer in the 16th century, but which has its roots in the ancient church of the British Isles, including the Celtic Church. The primary source for worship in the Anglican Church is the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). In the case of Great Shepherd, the 1979 BCP produced by the Episcopal Church, USA, is the primary source of our liturgies, though other BCPs, produced by other Anglican Churches may also be used to formulate our liturgies. The standard Prayer Book for all orthodox Anglicans is the 1662 Church of England Book of Common Prayer, which is the source of all later prayer books in all the various  churches of the Anglican Communion.

As mentioned above, we are liturgical in our worship, that is, we follow prescribed forms of prayers, readings, and even orders of service. This does not mean that there can be no variety within a service, or that music has to be of one particular type. In the Church of the Great Shepherd you will see variety from week to week in the liturgy, the music, and even within the time of Holy Communion (sometimes referred to as the Eucharist). You may even see elements in the service that may not fit the stereotypical picture of a liturgical worship service. This variety though, is always in keeping with the standards and rules of the BCP.

We are also a church that is seeking to reach our world with the healing good news that Jesus Christ came into our world to bring us into an everlasting relationship with God the Father. We are a church that believes that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ there is healing available for broken bodies, minds, souls, and relationships. We believe that everyone is important to God and therefore to the church. We are a church that believes that while we are not perfect, God is in the business of perfecting us, and thus we seek to know His will for us.

You can find out more about us by going to the page entitled “Beliefs”, and of course you can always email us with your questions at:

An Evangelical and Charismatic Anglican Church

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